Online Dating


A Guide To Online Dating in London

After you have met someone online and you think you are ready to embark on that first date, the big question is where to go? Well if you are from London then luckily for you the choices are almost endless. If you are looking something low-key such as a meal for two then you can’t go wrong with one of the many incredible restaurants around the city. On the other hand you may be looking for a more modern approach to a first date, an ice-breaker to get conversation flowing. Whatever you are looking for London can provide.

The joy about London is that once your date is over (and hopefully it went well) you have one of the most historic and beautiful cities to explore. Go for a romantic stroll along the south bank and see all the beautiful landmarks that UK’s capital has to offer. The houses of parliament lit up beautifully at night, off-set by the contemporary London Eye, the perfect way to end a night taking in the beautiful London Skyline.

Katie & Steve

Katie & Steve met after signing up to the London Dating sub-section of our site. After getting to know one another through our website they finally decided to take the plunge and meet up for their first date. Steve, a web developer originally from Manchester had just moved to London and was looking to meet new people, little did he know that his dream woman was waiting online.

“After a few dates with guys who weren't quite a match, I was of course nervous and preparing myself for another nice time but not expecting a spark, but when I met Steve in Covent Garden I had a great feeling about what the night had in store! We went for an amazing meal which was so relaxed and we talked about both of our travels around the USA.”

After a meal for two in Joe's Southern Kitchen & Bar an American Diner in Covent Garden, the two decided to go on for drinks in bustling SOHO. After several more dates, the two are now and item and have been exploring the city together ever since.

Ash & Mona

When Ash & Mona they both signed up to our dating site they both led busy lives and weren't sure that online dating would be successful at all. Little did they know things would turn out very differently. Ash, who is a doctor led a very busy life and spent little time on his own love life, putting his profession and career first. After setting up his own practise he felt that the time had come to find someone special. Step forward Mona.

“When I met Ash we had very similar backgrounds, both from Pakistani backgrounds we both focused heavily on our careers and not on other people, after growing tired of our families asking when we were going to settle down we decided this had to change. We both had so much in common and realised once we got chatting it was only a matter of time before we met up.”

So with plans in place the couple met several times on various different dates around London, from dinner to museum tours, the couple have gone on to have a superb time and are looking to arrange more dates together.