Online Dating Tips

When venturing into the world of online dating it is important to ensure that you are ready for all the possibilities of your new dating adventure. In today’s ever connected world online dating is fast becoming one of the most enjoyable and acceptable ways of meeting possible future partners. Before you do though read through our handy tips to ensure that you are perfectly equipped for your dating adventure with

Tips For Him

1. No one likes a pig. 
In order to get anywhere when online dating it is vital that you keep this in mind. Be respectful to your fellow members. They are here to have a good time and meet like minded and dateable individuals, not the first guy to tell them they are “fit” or have “hot pics”.

2. Be honest. 
Many guys who sign up to a dating site often feel the need to embellish their profile so that they appear that little more desirable. Don’t. Not only is it usually glaringly obvious that you have lied on your profile it also only causes issues for you in the long run. Don’t set yourself up to fail at the very first step. Online dating isn’t difficult, it’s an honest and open process.

3. Don’t set limits 
Often people are closed off to the idea to chatting to anyone outside of their immediate location. Why limit yourself? There is not reason to say that your dream partner may be a few miles out of your ‘comfort zone’ in terms of distance. Online dating is a big old world, make sure you discover all that it has to offer.

Tips For Her

1. Don’t be too shy We understand that online dating can be a very daunting prospect for any woman. It can be a minefield of back and forth messages. But don’t be too shy and quiet. Feel confident in yourself and be open with your messages. Share funny stories and embrace what we all have in common. Being human.

2. Make the most of your profile 
Often our female members prefer to keep their dating profile very basic. Not wanting to share too much information. their thinking being that there will be more to discuss when they get chatting. However our research suggests that 87% of our male members were more likely to message amore detailed profile than one that leaves too much to the imagination.

3. We can’t all find Brad Pitt 
As much as we’d love to find the hottest man on earth online. It’s unlikely he will be found lurking on a dating site. Looks are undoubtedly important but the joy of online dating is that you can get to know a person for who they are and who knows maybe your prince charming could be that frog that you have been ignoring.